Connections - No One Is an Island

50 min
1 episode
‘Connections – No One Is an Island’ invites you on an interactive global journey through the Corona era and the emotions that connect us.

Closed borders, lockdowns and restrictions have separated us during the pandemic. For a long time, loneliness and the desire for human contact have been all too familiar feelings. We have been isolated, each in our own space. With the vaccine roll-out, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is time to transcend borders, to process the experience together and look ahead. You are invited to connect with others on an interactive global journey into the Corona era. We have recorded more than 300 compelling stories, together with co-creators from all over the world. They are intimate windows into human life and how it changes over time as a result of external circumstances. ‘Connections – No One Is an Island’ is an interactive film, experienced online. You become part of a group of 9 people, interacting collectively with the videos and shaping the journey together, while you move through the emotional stages of the pandemic.

General informations

Producer :
Ulrik Gutkin

Type :
Live Performance

Crew & cast

Composer :
Anna Lidell
Creative Technologist :
Kasper Bøttcher