Bridge to Sovietopia

16 min
1 episode
An immersive quest for a lost Utopia: relics of scientific triumph, ruins of progress and fading Soviet grandeur await rediscovery – while former creators and advocates offer a gaze into the twilight zone between reality and imagination.

BRIDGE TO SOVIETOPIA teleports to collapsing temples of progress, ruins of scientific triumph and fading Soviet grandeur – and lets the audience immerse in a lost Utopia. Former creators, inhabiters and believers lead the way, while sharing astonishing memories and offering insights into peculiar retro-futuristic schemes. 

General informations

Producer :
Kurt Mayer

Type :
Virtual Reality - 360 Video

Production companies :
Kurt Mayer Film

Crew & cast

First assistant director :
Serhiy Morgunov
Sound designer :
Fabian Fenk
Cinematographer :
Gabriel Krajanek , Tobias Götz
Color Grading :
Dario Birindelli
Narrator :
Julia Govor
Technical Art :
Tobias Götz , Dario Birindelli
Spatial Audio :
Volker Pannes
Compositing :
Manuel Biedermann
Additional Writer :
Derek Hardmann