25 min
1 episode
‘Bodyless’ is a surreal VR experience based on the director’s childhood memory during Taiwan’s martial law period in the 1970s, when human qualities were simplified and quantified with few characteristics recognized and measured by the ruling class.

Under the Martial Law of Taiwan in 1960, an old political criminal went through experiments in prison. Strange sounds faded in. The old man deceased, simplified into digital forms. The audience beholds the story clinging to the old man’s ghost which descends into the underworld of the dead.

In the seventh lunar month, the ghost returns to the world of living, soaring through folk ceremonies. Returning to his home, empty, the ghost sees the newspaper and family photos. Strange sounds reemerge, and the ghost is forced to fled into a photo. Yet, the memories have been eaten away. Colossal figures are digitalising the city. The organic landscape dissolves into digital shapes, as the ghost itself fades out from this world.

General informations

Director :
Hsin-chien Huang

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive
Genres :
Animation, Drama, History

Partner companies :
Fig creative
Language(s) :
Mandarin Chinese, English (US)

Crew & cast

Composer :
Lim Giong