20 min
1 episode
Two years after her departure, Lise is back in the family home. But the reunion with his father will quickly be disturbed by a presence… In the heart of the forest, in this house haunted by a drama, it is up to you to reveal the secrets of the past.

Between a psychological thriller and an author’s feature film, ØRÐESA is an interactive film of a new genre. This thrilling 50-minute closed-door invites you to a house lost in the woods, haunted by a mysterious family drama. When Lise finds her father there, a painful past is about to resurface. This intrigue under high tension is revealed through an unprecedented sensory experience that plunges you into the heart of the story: it’s up to you to reveal the secrets buried under the weight of the years. Tilt your phone to move around the image and bring up the smallest memories. But beware of your movements, even the most innocuous, their consequences may well escape you …

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App (iOS, Android)
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Production companies :
Cinétévé Expériences, Arte France

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