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Dirty Bacon was founded in 2015 by Salar Shahna, specialising in the production of immersive content, specialising in cinematic VR (live action capture in 3D 360 °). The projects developed by Dirty Bacon are distinguished by a great freedom in tone and expression, a freedom that is increased tenfold by the opportunities offered by Virtual Reality technologies. Far from considering Virtual Reality as the final destination in itself - thanks in particular to its innovative and spectacular dimension, Dirty Bacon acknowledges that this medium must first serve the artistic ambitions of a work, the main issues residing in the choice of subject, its scriptwriting treatment and the formal quality of its expression. The technical accessibility of its contents is also one of the essential axes of the dissemination strategy developed by Dirty Bacon. Targeting online distribution platforms, this strategy is based on the development of projects that are compatible with broadcasting modes that guarantee wide accessibility, both in terms of form and content.

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