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Inspired by science philosopher Donna Haraway’s Staying with the Trouble, this virtual reality experience for multiple users and multiple senses transports you to about 200 years in the future. On the ruins of the Anthropocene, humanity has made way for a rich biotope teeming with mixed life-forms: human, animal, and machine hybrids. There is no competition, only symbiosis.


"Replacements" depicts a Javanese family living in a fictional neighborhood in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Inspired by people and places that truly exist, they are witnesses of this congested metropolis's urban, environmental, political, and cultural transformations from about 1980 to 2020.

Goliath: Playing With Reality

A visual installation and VR experience, Inside Goliath is an intimate and visually compelling narrative of one man’s experience of living with schizophrenia and psychosis.

December 03rd 2021

FilmGate Miami

Miami, Florida

December 08th 2021



January 20th 2022

Sundance Film Festival


February 25th 2022

Anima - The Brussels Animation Film Festival

Brussels, Belgium

March 11th 2022

SXSW - South by Southwest

Austin, Texas









November 25, 2021

"We aim to represent the state of the art of the XR industry" - Alain Gallez, Alexandra Gérard (Stereopsia EUROPE)

Stereopsia returns in 2021 twice as much as before the pandemic: if the traditional edition Stereopsia EUROPE takes place as usual in December (8-10), the Belgian team of the event has just concluded…

November 23, 2021

FIRST LIFE is a new chapter of Sir David Attenborough's work in VR

In more than 60 years of broadcasting, David Attenborough has travelled the globe to document the living world in all its wonder. Now, with Alchemy Immersive and Meta, he travels back in time using V…

November 23, 2021

"We aim to create a suspending disbelief for the viewer" - Paul Raphaël (Felix & Paul)

No need to introduce Felix & Paul Studios, creators of some of the most recognized immersive experiences in the world. From their collaboration with big names in the arts, sports, film and politics t…

November 22, 2021

Sundance New Frontier 2022 unveils full details of Online & In-Person venues and activities

When the 2022 Sundance Film Festival kicks off on January 20, it invites audiences to participate from wherever they are, including in person in Utah. The 2022 edition of the Festival’s New Frontier …

November 21, 2021

Curatours and the Greenpop Foundation launch a virtual Museum Of Plastic 2121

Curatours, a portal for arts & culture, has launched its first museum, the Museum Of Plastic 2121, a virtual museum based 100 years from now in an imagined future where things have worked out well fo…

November 15, 2021

A Step Toward The OASIS (3/5): Experience

What are the requirements for the OASIS user experience? The last two posts explored how 1) the OASIS is not a distant future, but an imminent reality and 2) “open-source reality” platforms such as Y…

November 12, 2021

"We are a sandbox for creative people from different artistic backgrounds who want to explore immersive storytelling" - Astrid Kahmke, Sylvain Grain (European Creators' Lab x Stereopsia)

Dissecting the grammar of an immersive project from the start: this is the subject of many creative workshops that allow artists and producers to take the time to work on the development of their exp…

November 10, 2021

"Memories we make in VR are as tangible as the ones made in the physical world" - Joe Hunting (WE MET IN VIRTUAL REALITY)

A year after the 'Virtually Speaking' series, Joe Hunting is back with a full-length documentary shot entirely in VRChat: we caught up with him to discuss the challenges of creating works like this o…