October 08th, 2020 | by Mathieu Gayet

Stereopsia Europe is heading to the virtual worlds for 2020

2020 has brought many changes, including inside our event. This year, on 15-16 December, Stereopsia will be held virtually.

The event will take place on a virtual platform, created by our partner INVR.SPACE, where the participants will be immersed in a virtual world where they will exist as avatars. These “virtual twins” will be able to easily interact with each other, resulting in many networking opportunities between people from all over the world. Thanks to this technology, participants will enjoy a unique immersive experience. The event will also be more easily accessible than other years, with the virtual aspect eliminating any travel constraints.

During two days, Stereopsia will gather virtually 60+ experts from four continents. Several activities will be organized including:

- 20 thematic conferences on the use of immersive technologies in fields such as entertainment, industry, health, culture ...

- A "Booster" in order to coach and promote promising RV content projects.

- A Scientific Conference (International Conference on 3D Immersion - IC3D).

- A "Business dating" to promote exchanges between professionals.

- An exhibition area with booths & XR demos.

As every year, Stereopsia also celebrates the best XR content for the Europe, Middle East and Africa. The Lumière Awards of The Advanced Imaging Society of Hollywood are the world's most prestigious awards for immersive productions region, and they will be awarded on 16 December.

Stereopsia will also have the privilege to host for the second year in a row the European initiative XR4ALL (EC H2020 project). XR4ALL brings together the European XR community to advance the XR industry within Europe.

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