April 22nd, 2020 | by Mathieu

“I use space to drive the story” – Shao Qing (BLACK BAG)

With its ability to create a rhythmic, spatial & particularly dark narrative, BLACK BAG is to virtual reality what film noir is to the cinema. A strange odyssey to discover quickly!

Shao Qing - I used to be a CG director, and got into the immersive storytelling when I first experienced VR and amazed by how this unique media enables storytelling by the space. Even thinking of this makes me excited. Also, I would like to use the special mise-en-scene and my originated art style to interpret the desire of humanity. This idea was first tested in my VR debut IN THE PICTURES (CHANG).

S. Q. - The inspiration of BLACK BAG is the idea that came into being when I first came into contact with VR, similar to "If this is an immersive lens, how do I feel when I am in a black bag, and who will I be when suddenly the bag be unzipped and facing a strange face."


S. Q. - I constantly use space to drive the story, and to complete the transition, hiding clues and logic in different spaces, because in my perceptive, VR is not for quick cuts. Also I do n’t think I have any personal style or used any tricks , all the elements I used may come out of my experience of years of CG production, which helps me to establish a strong imagination in the 3D space. Or that I have watched enough VR pieces that “editing” has been taken into account when doing the scene design. 


S. Q. - I am preparing some sequences for BLACK BAG, also there are two different VR storytelling projects under preparing, they are both in the stage of art design. Also I am planning to work with artists in different medias such as theatre to create immersive projects.

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