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The 360 Film Festival unveils its hybrid 2020 edition

More than 90 creations were received from 22 countries. 23 works were selected including 9 interactive, 9 360 videos, 3 Large Formats and 2 in Augmented Reality.

For its 5th edition, the festival is pleased to welcome Céline Tricart, essential director and producer in the XR industry, as president of its jury.

She is accompanied by 4 experts in immersive universes :

  • Agnès Alfandari, Director of the Digital Pole at Institut Français
  • Judith Guez, Founder and curator of the Recto VRso festival (Laval Virtual)
  • James Sénade, VFX Supervisor at Saint George Studio
  • Mauna Traikia, Territorial Advisor in charge of the digital development at Plaine Commune

The 360 ​​Film Festival is proud to present 5 World Premieres:


Spectators will soon be able to see the works. The modalities will be specified shortly of this hybrid edition for the 360 Film Festival, between a physical venue in Paris and the Satis TV that will broadcasdt panels & discussions.

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