20 min
1 episode
Discover first-hand what it is like to witness a loved one develop Alzheimer’s Disease. Through the fusion of virtual reality, live theater, and personalized design, experience storytelling like never before.

Tinker is a live, unscripted and bespoke virtual reality theatre performance that is customized for each individual participant. Each participant plays the role of the Grandchild, and no two experiences are the same.

Tinker is about making new memories with the ones we love and the value of preserving those memories.

Set in the Grandfather’s workshop of 1990s Midwest Ohio, the Grandchild and the Grandfather bond and grow older together in an interactive and playful world.

When the Grandfather unknowingly develops Alzheimer’s symptoms, the participant must figure out a way to keep the memories they created together - alive.

General informations

Director :
Lou Ward
Producer :
Lara Bucarey

Type :
Live Performance

Production companies :
Tinker Studio

Crew & cast

Cast :
Randy Dixon
Sound designer :
Avril Martinez
Project Manager :
Tony Garcia
Narrative Designer :
Shimon Alkon