The Sun Ladies

7 min
1 episode
United States
The Sun Ladies VR experience is an in-depth look at the personal journey of the captain of the Sun Ladies, Xate Singali. From her roots as a famous singer in Kurdistan to her new life as a soldier fighting on the frontlines against ISIS, risking everything to stop the violence against her people.

The Sun Ladies VR takes the viewer on an intimate journey to the lives of a group of Yazidi women fighting ISIS in Iraq. Narrated from the point of view of Xate Shingali, the captain of the Sun Ladies troop, the VR experience follows the dramatic changes in her life. Spanning from her career as a known singer in Kurdistan to the invasion of ISIS soldiers in her Yazidi community of Sinjar, who killed the men and took the women as sex slaves, and the decision to form this women army to protect and free their sisters.

This 7-minute VR piece combines Xate’s voice over with press footage on the conflict, an animation built with the Oculus VR tool Quill, and 360 videos of the women’s daily life in the camp. The depiction created conveys a unique portrait that focuses on the power of these women as makers of a counter-history of resistance.

General informations

Type :
Virtual Reality - 360 Video
Genres :
Documentary, Yazidi women, Quill, Human Rights, Middle East, War and Conflict, Women

Director :
Christian Stephen
Producer :
Maria Bello
Key collaborator :
Wesley Allsbrook , Tim Gedemer , Mark Simpson
Director :
Céline Tricart
Writer :
Céline Tricart

Production companies :
Lucid Dreams Productions
Language(s) :
English (US)

Crew & cast

Executive Producer :
Christina DiDonna , Laurel Werner
Composer :
Ed Harcourt
Voice :
Maria Bello
Cinematographer :
Céline Tricart