20 min
1 episode
Our story begins with Edith, a 14-year-old who lives in the village of Centre Lobo with her parents and eight siblings. At the age of seven, Edith started to feel a pain in the side of her face. The pain eventually grew into a tumor on her lower right jaw the size of lemon. Because of the tumor, Edith is mocked and teased at school, and even accused of being the victim of witchcraft.

Despite the hardships she faces, Edith is notably happy and playful. We see her mother cooking and Edith playing and laughing with her brothers and sisters. We then visit her nearby school where an animated sequence portrays Edith’s feeling of being persecuted by her peers, setting the stakes for Edith’s journey as she makes the difficult decision to have surgery on a hospital ship that is docked in the port city of Douala. Thanks to the doctors onboard the ship, Edith’s surgery is a success. We see the radical transformation it's made on her demeanor and how she sees herself. We see her smile.

General informations

Director :
Armando Kirwin

Type :
Virtual Reality - 360 Video

Production companies :
Oculus VR For Good, Mercy Ships