Killing A Superstar

20 min
1 episode
Killing a Superstar brings a new VR interactive experience with immersive sense of drama. The story will start in different spaces at the same time. Viewers can use the map function in the film to freely switch among different scenes. The viewers need to answer the key questions to solve crimes.

Lisa, an actress, has recently been caught in a scandal and even received death threats from some crazy fans. Lisa’s agent Bin invited the well-known host Shan to her villa for a live interview. Before the live show started, various threatening signals appeared, causing Lisa to become more uneasy but Shan insisted on continuing the show, aiming to take the chance of news hype. Unexpectedly, someone died at the scene at the beginning of the show. However, nobody else but Lisa’s colleagues and the show staff stayed in the villa. Was it an accident or a murder? Now it's up to you to find out the truth.

General informations

Director :
Fan Fan

Original title :
Sha Si Da Ming Xing

Type :
Virtual Reality - Interactive

Production companies :
Beijing Iqiyi Science Technology
Language(s) :
Mandarin Chinese