Corpus Misty

18 min
1 episode
Before Shere Hite released her eponymous report in 1976, hardly any writing about female sexuality existed, and even less discussion of it. Today, masculine heterosexuality, traditional gender roles and a standardized conception of the ideal body still dominate the public debate, porn, and everyday conversation.

Corpus Misty provides space for non-conforming identities and experiences. This immersive VR documentary presents the anonymous stories of women and genderqueers about variety in vaginas, or the desire to express yourself as you are without people constantly staring.

The stories pass by during a trip through a labyrinth of soft shapes and welcoming colors, which is at the same time an endless universe and a sheltered inner world. One thing flows into another and the visitor is invited to grab the swirling flakes and become part of the environment. This creates an atmosphere of tranquility and receptivity. Soon the realization dawns that there is more that connects us as individuals than divides us.

General informations

Director :
Aubrey Heichemer
Key collaborator :
Gayatri Parameswaran

Production companies :
VR Coven
Partner companies :