Find below the list of our beloved partners fully invested in the promotion and production of immersive content and creators.

Institution partners


A true think tank, Québec / Canada XR supports independent author XR and establishes connections between key institutions and players in the sector, as well as with education, journalism, museums and the arts in general. (link)

Festival partners


Since 2017, Virtuality is the annual benchmark business place for XR professionals. (4th edition)


Stereopsia is the World Immersion Forum: a unique and friendly place for worldwide professionals sharing the same passion for immersive technologies and their use to network, build partnerships and seize business opportunities. (12th edition)


VRDays Europe builds bridges between business, science and art. They invite the brightest minds and global visionaries to share their cutting-edge insights into one of the world’s fastest growing industries of immersive technology. (6th edition)


As the content-focused event of SATIS-Screen4All, the 360 Film Festival promotes professional networking and content visibility in virtual reality, augmented reality, and large formats. An exceptional showcase where visitors can learn about immersive media and their potential for creation and storytelling! (5th edition)


Hyper Festival Online is the 5th edition of the Brazilian festival for immersive content and market, that takes place annually in Sao Paulo, and in 2020 is bringing 360 films, immersive experiences and panels about game development, immersive storytelling, the virtualization of work in the future and an exclusive international panorama. Most of the panels are in Portuguese focused on the local audience, while the international panel inspires and connects Brazil to the rest of the World, as Hyper Festival is expanding to Canada and Europe in 2021. (4th edition)


Recto VRso is an international exhibition of art and virtual and mixed reality held during the Laval Virtual event. Founded by artist-researcher Judith Guez, Recto VRso aims to invite artworks of artists, researchers, students and explorers who question the virtual reality medium, directly or indirectly, so as to bring out new artistic forms. (4th edition)

Media Partners


UXmmersive is exploring immersive worlds, meeting their creators, and living their experiences. We write interviews, test & deep analysis to help the french growing ecosystem use "immersion" as a tool to create. (Company)


Virtual Perceptions is a leading UK-based website highlighting the new and exciting trends and companies in Immersive Reality (VR, AR, MR). It is a home to my thoughts and analyses on everything immersive, from enterprise companies constructing training programs, to aspiring creatives breaking the boundaries of film. (website)

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