Not so long ago, virtual reality - and all of the new immersive technologies - was just a sci-fi device. But in reality, immersion has been a field of scientific and artistic investigation for a long time (link or here)! Our site was born from the desire to support a creative industry (XR) still young but dynamic, global and connected. Born in 2018 from Mathieu Gayet, France) and Fabio Hofnik (Brazil), XRMust is the information hub for immersive creators, producers and distributors.

The Very Real History of Virtual Reality - Bridget Poetker (Learning Hub)

XRMust is the desire to bring together and share the XR creation. As a media, a database & an agenda, we offer you a look at what is happening today in creative studios, festivals and events worldwide & on broadcasting platforms.

  • A complete database on projects, people, companies & events related to our creative industry. We're a small group now, but expanding fast! For us it was essential to create a place of informations to gather everyone, and not be frustrated to know more about the last experience we loved. Now you can enjoy the full history of every piece of XR creation right here.
  • An agenda of immersive events, conferences, showcases, exhibitions - and more if possible (call for contents, submission deadlines...) - that host XR experiences or debates. Please contact us to add yours!
  • A full range of articles and interviews around the industry itself to chat with the most prominent/creative influencers in our industry about their current projects or events that they plan.
  • Expert reports on the sector and in-depth analyzes of the trends and annual results of the XR creation.
  • Marketing tools to upgrade your event or production, based on our social media & PR expertise.