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The Choice

In this planned series of interactive VR experiences, women talk about their choice to have an abortion. The woman sitting opposite you in this first episode shown at IDFA DocLab is Kristen from Texas. As you talk to her about her experience, the initially empty space around you gradually fills with animated line drawings that reinforce the story which is already so poignant.

Artificial Awakening

One of the key questions surrounding AI is whether an intelligence programmed by humans and created by machines can be called conscious. This immersive VR performance puts a metaphysical twist on this question and asks how AI can develop a spiritual consciousness. To explore this, director Jakob la Cour invited a team of artists and experts to engage in conversations and collaboration with various forms of AI. The result is a highly immersive, multi-sensory experience within a virtual environment.


EVOLVER is a mesmerizing virtual reality experience that celebrates our journey through life and death through the inner landscape of the human body. This musical real-time multiplayer experience invites audiences to follow oxygen’s flow deep into our bloodstream and inner branching, exploring the invisible human connection with the outside world.

August 23rd 2022


Montreal, Quebec

October 05th 2022

Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal (FNC)

Montreal, Quebec

October 17th 2022











September 29, 2022

Marshmallow Laser Feast's EVOLVER will have its European Premiere, thanks to Geneva GIFF 2022

The 28th Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF, 4 - 13th November) will feature the European premiere of the EVOLVER immersive experience, a production created by the renowned London studio Marshm…

September 26, 2022

“Our desire is to bring new artists to the creative XR scene” - Albert Millis, Samantha Kingston (Virtual Umbrella)

With their company Virtual Umbrella, Albert Millis and Samantha Kingston have been accompanying brands and events in new virtual territories for over 7 years. For the past months, they have continued…

September 23, 2022

"To see life through a more whimsical lens" - German Heller (EGGSCAPE)

A look at Eggscape, winner of the Venice Immersive Special Jury Prize at Venezia79, and one of the most original works presented at the Venice Film Festival this year.

September 22, 2022

L.E.V. Matadero 2022 unveils VORTEX and Ciudad Aumentada, a complementary immersive line-up

Matadero Madrid, center of contemporary creations belonging to Madrid City Council's Department of Culture, presents this year's new L.E.V. Matadero. The Festival of Visual Electronics and Extended R…

September 19, 2022

Vancouver VIFF welcomes new innovative program "Signals"

Vancouver International Film Festival VIFF is excited to unveil the new program Signals, presented by VIFF and DigiBC, from Oct. 1-3, and the speakers for VIFF Amp from Oct. 6-9. Signals is a unique …

September 14, 2022

Stereopsia EUROPE is back, with a few changes (and a full 2022 programme)

Stereopsia EUROPE, one of the most important events at the end of each year, comes back earlier than expected with an autumn 14th edition from October 17 to 19, in a new place: the Maison de la Poste…

September 12, 2022

“We are creating a VR experience, a direct encounter between the viewer and the performer” - Craig Quintero (ALL THAT REMAINS)

A first 360 film, ALL THAT REMAINS marked the Venice Immersive selection by its singularity. As if the influence of modern and experimental theatre managed to melt into a perfectly immersive staging …

September 9, 2022

“We had to find the balance between the truth of History and a 360 film set up” - Chen Singing (THE MAN WHO COULDN’T LEAVE)

Noticed in selection at Venice Immersive 2022, THE MAN WHO COULDN'T LEAVE is one of the three Taiwanese works in Competition. A second VR film for filmmaker Chen Singing (AFTERIMAGE FOR TOMORROW) who…